Darrin Parmenter

Position: Director and horticulture agent

Email: [email protected]

About: Darrin Parmenter is director and horticulture agent of the La Plata County Extension Office.

Get your gardening game plan together and dig in

For many gardeners, like myself, springtime is that opportunity to rub some sleep out of our eyes, sharpen our tools, do a couple of stretches on a mat calling it yoga and start getting our hands...

DATE: May 3, 2021 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Time to sow: How to get your seeds growing indoors

I hope many of you heeded my call last month to start buying your seeds. I ended up finding some of the varieties of vegetables I like to grow through online seed vendors; I bought some from the...

DATE: March 8, 2021 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Get a jump on your garden: Start your seeds indoors

Home gardeners: Order your seeds. Now. Or, better yet, go visit your local nurseries, see what they have in terms of variety selection and fill in any gaps with your favorite seed company online....

DATE: Feb. 7, 2021 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Poinsettias can be saved, if you put the work in

As you are reading this, Beth may be taking down the Christmas tree. She is no Scrooge, by any means. Our house has been full of lights and fir boughs, and our mantle is scattered with little...

DATE: Jan. 4, 2021 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Hey, neighbors: We will be cooking holiday meals for you

If you’ve read my articles over the years, you probably have a good sense of my upbringing. My grandpa, my dad, my sister and I were either born in Durango or nearby (my grandpa was born in Pagosa...

DATE: Dec. 7, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Our many programs educate, serve county’s residents in crucial ways

In 1914, the U.S. Congress formalized what is now called “Extension” through the Smith-Lever Act. It established the U.S. Department of Agriculture partnership with land-grant universities...

DATE: Nov. 9, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Pandemic dashes Apple Days, but fruit, cider abundant

Who would have guessed that in a year when the area hit the jackpot in terms of fruit tree production, we couldn’t celebrate it like we have in the past? 2020 has been defined by the “pivot.”...

DATE: Sept. 30, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Tips to ripen those finicky tomatoes as autumn approaches

An email came across my desk this past week, and it pretty much exemplified 2020: “The NOAA Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a moderate to high risk of much-below normal temperatures on...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Trees can diversify a large lawn and cool the landscape

I never really considered myself a “lawn guy.” Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy lying down under the shade of a tree on soft grass or seeing the outfield of the baseball field bright green...

DATE: Aug. 17, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

After a barren year in 2019, apple trees are bursting

I promise the next 550 words, give or take, won’t be about the weather. It’s not like I couldn’t – between the incessant wind, lack of rainfall or temperatures in the mid-90s, I could in fact write...

DATE: July 6, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Our region’s challenging weather can batter your plants

Every year, I write about the weather, and subsequently, every year, I write about writing about the weather. Kind of a “Who’s on First?” skit I do with all of you, so thanks for participating. To...

DATE: June 8, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

How to prevent winter damage to your conifers, evergreens

These winds are getting to me, and I don’t even live on Florida Mesa. They pick up in the afternoon, grabbing dust, dirt and pollen, and deposit them directly into my eyes and nose. I am a...

DATE: May 4, 2020 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

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