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Two witnesses recall tragic death in Silverton

SILVERTON – On the third day of the trial of Mike McFarland, the prosecution put two witnesses critical to its case on the stand: Ladonna Jaramillo, the neighbor who called 911 when Mike McFarland...

DATE: April 15, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

What? Pay taxes? Like, no way

On Main Avenue, patriotic millennials agreed that since entering adulthood, the blessing of American citizenship had been somewhat marred by a financial indignity new to many people in their early...

DATE: April 14, 2015 | CATEGORY: Business

Manslaughter trial begins in Silverton

SILVERTON – The town of Silverton is captivated with the trial of native son Mike McFarland, who has been charged with manslaughter and second-degree assault in the alleged killing of his wife,...

DATE: April 14, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Birth-control program at risk

It’s one of the terrific, sad ironies of the human experience: Sex makes babies. Yet, our enthusiasm for sex – much like our biological ability to reproduce – has nothing to do with whether we are...

DATE: April 12, 2015 | CATEGORY: Health

La Plata County resident dies from hantavirus

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment confirmed Friday that a La Plata County resident has died after becoming infected with hantavirus – a rare but often deadly disease carried...

DATE: April 10, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Animal Protection investigating dog shooting

La Plata County Animal Protection is investigating the events that led to a dog being shot twice Sunday in Marvel. “We’re working on it right now,” Director of Animal Protection Gary Skiba said in...

DATE: April 10, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

DA hit with small-claims lawsuit

A lawsuit filed in small claims court by a Pagosa Springs man against 6th Judicial District Attorney Todd Risberg illustrates how easily someone can take legal action for cheap and without a...

DATE: April 9, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Dog gets shot; couple seeks help for veterinary bills

A Durango woman whose dog was shot twice is desperate to get enough money to pay for the animal’s medical bills. Gloriah Williams, a 25-year-old who works at Rite Aid, became afraid for her...

DATE: April 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Reading between the bars

Incarceration looked excruciating for the spirit and mind last week at the La Plata County Jail. One man accused of first-degree murder wiled away the hours doing pull-ups on Cell Block F’s metal...

DATE: April 7, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Make way for breezy, cold and dry

Starting Wednesday, Durango residents should avail themselves of sweaters, hide their bulbs and deposit their cigarette butts into ashtrays. According to the National Weather Service in Grand...

DATE: April 7, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Langharts recount their horror on CNN

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 dedicated more than 10 minutes of the program Monday night to an investigation into the potential dangers of NuvaRing. The segment featured Erika Langhart, a young woman...

DATE: April 6, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Award leaves debate coach speechless

Eloquence, and even verbosity, under fire are supposed to be the hallmarks of a life spent as a speech and debate coach. But this month, a former Durango High School teacher and star speech coach...

DATE: April 3, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

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