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About: Nick Gonzales has been a copy editor and page designer for The Durango Herald since June 2015. He graduated from Fort Lewis College with honors in 2008 with a bachelor’s in writing and a minor in philosophy. In college, he was the chief copy editor of the campus newspaper, The Independent, as well as co-president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and vice president of the Scarlet Letters creative writing club. Prior to joining the Herald, he worked as a writer and editor in the English as a second language industry and as a data analyst for several mines while living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He has lived in Durango off and on since 1996. In his free time, Nick is an avid reader and film buff. Read More

At Evenings Porch Assisted Living, healthful local food a key to program

In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Woolf was writing about equality, but this same turn of phrase can also be...

DATE: Jan. 10, 2017 | CATEGORY: Food

With the new year, new local food coverage

Howdy, Durango. With the new year, The Durango Herald is taking a new approach to it’s Food & Nutrition section. The key word is “local.” In 2017, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to...

DATE: Dec. 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Food

Review: ‘Rogue One’ isn’t the engaging Star Wars story you’re looking for

When it comes to the original Star Wars trilogy, there is a strong argument to be made that “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best film. It’s also the darkest, with the Luke Skywalker, Han Solo,...

DATE: Dec. 17, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

‘The Dressmaker’ a well-crafted dark comedy revenge thriller

“The Dressmaker,” starring Kate Winslet, is intense. At first sight, the film seems like a by-the-numbers drama, but this seemingly orthodox shell contains the darkest of dark comedies. Director...

DATE: Nov. 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

Indigenous Comic Con highlights Native American artists

When someone opens a comic book, turns on a video game or just watches TV, rarely is he or she greeted by Native American characters. And when those characters are present, they are frequently...

DATE: Nov. 10, 2016 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

‘Doctor Strange’ satisfactory but not quite strange enough

When it comes to movies, few genres have grown as stale as the superhero variety. It often seems like studios are intent on taking decades of wonderful comic book source material and processing it...

DATE: Nov. 5, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

‘The Automatic Hate’ a tense drama

With a plot bordering on the surreal, “The Automatic Hate” is one of the most interesting and intriguing family dramas I’ve seen in a while. The story begins when Davis (Joseph Cross) is visited by...

DATE: Sept. 22, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

‘First Monday’ wants you to think about art, fashion

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about parties attended by A-list celebrities and millionaires? Yeah, me neither. And yet, the documentary “The First Monday in May,” which chronicles the...

DATE: Sept. 8, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

Check out Salvador Dali in Colorado Springs

Want to see a surreal depiction of Hell? Head over to Colorado Springs. Not for the city itself, mind you – but rather for an exhibition of prints by Salvador Dali currently on display at the...

DATE: Sept. 8, 2016 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

‘Teacher’s Pet’ dodges clichés

Living in an age where romantic comedies are more likely to induce cringing than laughter or pleasant feelings, it’s nice to revisit a time when Hollywood imbued these films with clever humor and...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

‘Suicide Squad’ sets a new low for comic book movies

The makers of “Suicide Squad” have achieved a superlative accomplishment. They have produced the most boring comic book movie of all time. The plot is tedious and, for the most part, the characters...

DATE: Aug. 6, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

‘Star Trek Beyond’ boldly embraces what makes Trek great

It is unfortunate that the title “Star Trek Generations” was wasted on the franchise’s mediocre 1994 installment because if any installment in the series truly brings the spirit of the distinct...

DATE: July 22, 2016 | CATEGORY: Film, TV and Streaming

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