Season 5, Eps. 4: Living Off the Grid

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Katrina Blair grew up in Durango and became enamored with wild plants and wild places. She moved away for college, but returned to fall in love with the land and its people. She took up residence in a tepee to live close with the Earth. David Siegrist lives in a 750-square-foot yurt near Turtle Lake. He has had an interest in alternative living styles since he was a child, and he says that living in a yurt has allowed him to connect with his surroundings and the weather in a unique way. Shana Little was born and raised on a cattle farm in rural Texas but has moved a number of times, always wanting to live in small confines. For Little, tiny living represents three things: a love of small spaces, great interior design and being debt-free. She has been able to design the home of her dreams – a tiny home built by Rocky Mountain Tiny House.