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Nero’s opulent, newly restored Domus Transitoria reopens

ROME – The first palace built by Rome’s most notorious emperor, Nero, has reopened to the public after an extensive renovation. Visitors to Nero’s Domus Transitoria (or Transit House), which opened...

DATE: April 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Slaying puts focus on ride-hailing safety, fake drivers

CHICAGO – Whenever Rachel Orden calls for an Uber, the 20-year-old Michigan State University sophomore immediately walks to the back of the vehicle to check the license plate number, then opens the...

DATE: April 14, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Wild beach, historic district make Mazatlan an eclectic gem

Our cab ride from the airport was a quick one: less than 30 minutes from the curb to our beachside hotel in the historic district of Mazatlan. Along the route, my husband chatted in Spanish with...

DATE: April 13, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Delta tops long-running ranking of U.S. airlines

Delta Air Lines comes in first in a long-running study that ranks U.S. airlines by how often flights arrive on time and other statistical measures. Researchers who crunch the numbers also say that...

DATE: April 8, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Sorrow revisited: Re-creating Katrina’s muck in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – Patches of black mold on the ceiling. Water marks on the dingy walls. Toys, furniture and a baby grand piano tossed about and covered in a gray muck. The busted floodwall behind the...

DATE: April 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

First verse: Searching for America’s first published poet

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – Anne Bradstreet was the North American continent’s first published poet, yet her legacy has largely been lost to time. Now, professors and students at Merrimack College in...

DATE: April 6, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

High March temperatures shortened Alaska’s winter weather

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Unusually high March temperatures lopped weeks off Alaska’s long winter and reflect a warming climate trend, state climate experts say. March is normally reliable for dog...

DATE: April 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Last grants coming for endangered Route 66 program

ALBUQUERQUE – An endangered federal program that has helped preserve the historic Route 66 Highway for two decades has issued its last call for grants aimed at saving aging buildings and landmarks....

DATE: April 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

South Florida sees a boom in ‘birth tourism’

MIAMI – Every year, hundreds of pregnant Russian women travel to the United States to give birth so that their child can acquire all the privileges of American citizenship. They pay anywhere from...

DATE: March 31, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

The great getaway: Start planning your summer adventures in Colorado

No matter how long you’ve lived in Colorado and how much you love it, I’ll bet there still are places you haven’t explored. I’ve lived here 40-plus years and continue to discover awesome places...

DATE: March 30, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Exploring the enduring bond between dogs, people

LOS ANGELES – Did people domesticate dogs or was it the other way around? And why do these two species seem to think so much alike, act so much alike and get along so well? The California Science...

DATE: March 24, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

The Vessel: Soaring sculpture is centerpiece of massive NYC development

NEW YORK – A towering sculpture called Vessel – made up of 2,500 twisting steps the public can climb – is the visual centerpiece of Hudson Yards, a $25 billion urban complex on Manhattan’s West...

DATE: March 23, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

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