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Jet lag no more: Frequent flyers share their tips for crossing time zones

Jet lag is a shape-shifting affliction that debilitates travelers of all ages. The merciless wrath of desynchronosis – or time-zone-change syndrome – can strike at any time, dragging you down into...

DATE: July 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Airport shortcuts can ease the rush to the gate

How long will it take to get from your curb to your gate? If you’re Lonny MacLeod, the answer is: a lot less time than you think. Flying from Orlando, Florida, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on one of...

DATE: July 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Chief says shorthanded TSA will handle July 4 travel surge

The chief of the Transportation Security Administration says travelers should see only a slight increase in checkpoint wait times over the four-day July 4 holiday weekend despite the diversion of...

DATE: July 1, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Go to Grand Junction: Food, drink, art and outdoor options you can’t miss

Grand Junction, a blossoming city at the intersection of two rivers, is hitting its stride. Once nicknamed “Junktown,” the Western Slope anchor is increasingly attracting businesses and visitors...

DATE: June 30, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

E-bikes encounter rocky road to approval despite popularity

BAR HARBOR, Maine – Gordon Goodwin and his wife are rediscovering their passion for bicycling in their senior years thanks to new electric-assist bikes. The electric motors provide a gentle kick,...

DATE: June 28, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

30 tents abandoned by climbers add to trash pile on Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal – After every party it’s time to clean up and Mount Everest is no different. The record number of climbers crowding the world’s highest mountain this season has left a government...

DATE: June 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Select few allowed to swim in Hearst Castle pools

SAN SIMEON, Calif. – The Foundation at Hearst Castle is offering a chance to swim in the California landmark’s iconic pools, where Lady Gaga and Hollywood’s Golden Age celebrities dipped their...

DATE: June 24, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

How to fly with kids: It takes more than a wing and a prayer

If you’re flying somewhere with young kids this summer, you deserve a medal. Few things seem to irk fellow passengers like babies, toddlers and their parents. According to surveys done by...

DATE: June 23, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Can Americans still go to Cuba? Yes, but it’s harder

HAVANA – The Trump administration’s new restrictions on travel to Cuba have made it harder, but far from impossible, for Americans to visit the island nation. Cruises offered easy, one-stop...

DATE: June 21, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Take a carry-on – and send that checked bag packing

For me, packing for a one- or two-week vacation is often a tug of war. The desire to pack light competes with the temptation to fill a jumbo suitcase with a variety of outfits and accessories, plus...

DATE: June 16, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

New York’s High Line park marks 10 years of transformation

NEW YORK – When the High Line park opened in New York City, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg predicted the transformation of the abandoned, elevated freight line into an artsy public promenade would be...

DATE: June 15, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

Big Brutus attraction adds another coal mining shovel

WEST MINERAL, Kan. – A historic coal mining shovel that was hidden under bramble for more than 70 years has gone on display in southeast Kansas alongside its more well-known successor, an...

DATE: June 12, 2019 | CATEGORY: Travel

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