Delicious 'brick sandwich' won't break your teeth

This brick sandwich - a chilled and pressed Italian-style sandwich jammed with flavorful ingredients - is perfect for picnics.It is easy to assemble, looks great and feeds a crowd with about the...

DATE: May 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Couple raises hardy longhorns for their lean meat

Editor's Note: "Meet the Farmer" is a new column that offers a brief profile of individual food producers in our region. The column will run each Wednesday through late October.Jeff and Linda...

DATE: May 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Farmers market sprouts Saturday

A fresh taste is in the air.The crabapple trees' pink confetti drifts over Main Avenue, the hummingbirds have returned and Durango Farmers Market begins its summer season Saturday.The market is...

DATE: May 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Pay now, eat later

What's better than home-delivered pizza slapped in your hands in 30 minutes or less? Try a sack full of heirloom tomatoes, or beets shaped like carrots and bred for taste, not storage.Thanks to an...

DATE: May 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Edible education comes stuffed in a box

 "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."Forrest Gump coined it nearly 15 years ago. This decade's version is greener, arguably better and definitely not as...

DATE: May 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Amid flu fears, USDA says pork is safe to eat

Amid flu fears, USDA says pork is safe to eatFear of swine flu is a good reason to wash your hands, but not to take pork off the menu.Federal health officials say the virus that has triggered fears...

DATE: April 29, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Durango woman writes cookbook about living foods

Turtle Lake Refuge director Katrina Blair has stuffed 11 years of life experience into a single cookbook."It's a journey surrounding the health of ourselves, our planet and local and wild food,"...

DATE: April 22, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Bayfield woman launches raw-food delivery service

If you eat only raw foods, can you still call it cooking? Kirsten Baca says yes. She's the owner of a new raw-food delivery business called Raw Bloom. She thinks of her work as cooking, although...

DATE: April 22, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

CDC advice: Shake the salt habit

ATLANTA - Put down that salt shaker and step back from the table.That's a one-sentence summary of the latest public health alert on sodium intake from health watchers at the Centers for Disease...

DATE: April 15, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

French toast: the medieval breakfast treat

In our current economic environment, nearly everyone is looking for ways to save money. You've got to pay the rent or mortgage, of course, but "kitchen table" issues present opportunities to rein...

DATE: April 8, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Nip night snacks to lose weight

It's not when you eat, but how much you eat that has the biggest influence on your weight. We all need a certain amount of calories during a 24-hour period to maintain our weight. Even though we...

DATE: April 1, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

Applications put food at your fingertips

ATLANTA - With the advent of iPhone and iPod applications, snagging information got a lot easier.Folks are checking Facebook, keeping tabs on the weather, getting on-the-fly movie showtimes - the...

DATE: April 1, 2009 | CATEGORY: Food

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